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Quality & Regulatory Affairs Assistant

“After a complete career change, Quantel Medical gave me the chance to use the skills I had acquired in my former role, enabling me to progress within the company. My new role is really interesting, I never do the same thing twice, it’s very varied. It’s very fulfilling work.”

Maria Malheiro

Laser Quality Control Technician

“In this post, you have to be rigorous, meticulous, strictly follow procedure. Every time a new laser comes out, it’s the start of a new adventure. We work with R&D, production, documentation, purchasing and dispatch: it’s a rewarding job, on both a technical and a human level.”

Jérôme Gandeboeuf

Application Specialist Laser Ultrasound Dry Eye

“After a year and a half as a service engineer, Quantel Medical gave me the opportunity to move into the role of clinical application specialist. I now wear two hats—training and sales—and work across two zones: Latin America and Asia-Pacific.”

Pierre Becerro

Area Sales Manager South America

“In this dynamic, autonomous role, being up for a challenge is key to our success. We are highly flexible, assessing sales strategies and marketing plans with our partners ahead of their implementation, taking into account the unique social, political and economic characteristics of each country to guarantee commercial performance.”

Nicolas Theoleyre


“I’ve worked here for 20 years and have gradually become more involved with the accounting side of things, which is closer to what I've always wanted to do. The autonomy I’m given is key to my success in the role. The mutual trust between colleagues generates a friendly atmosphere and encourages personal investment.”

Thérèse Kapfer

Service Engineer

“As a service engineer, I’m lucky in that I have a really multi-faceted role. Expert knowledge, maintaining a wide range of optical lasers, providing technical training to international distributors: this job allows me to develop new skills every day, which is a fantastic opportunity for a young member of staff!”

Kevin Soares